New Music Video! "Ride"

Kristina Danielle.

                                   Kristina Danielle.

The Journey

Just got back to Atlanta. Had a photoshoot and a shopping spree in New York. Then you get a sudden call from your artist manager telling you that you are performing at SXSW. 

Well, that’s my life, and it’s awesome. The music inside of me never stops. I have to keep working on my vision till the sun comes up, to be sure that the music and mission I make will live on, when I move on to the next… 

Album Debut Coming Soon!

Something new is on its way! You can expect it to be full of raw energy and a new vibe 🙂 visit my IG to see more.



“Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.”   Claude Debussy

From being a classically trained pianist to being a songwriter and lyrical composer in collaboration with many major Atlanta and LA based songwriters and producers, I know what it takes to make a hit record. Let’s make the magic happen and connect! 


From Zion to Atlanta, now flying all over the map.  Come see me, you don’t want to miss out 😉


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