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Born July 20 1991, Kristina Danielle is a Singer/Songwriter with homegrown, classically trained musical talents rooted in her midwest childhood in Zion, IL. Music has always been a part of her upbringing, and through the passing of her grandmother and relocation to Atlanta, GA, it has been the consistent saving grace in her life.

Currently, Kristina is using her songwriting talents to connect with the hottest producers and artists on the rise.

Kristina says, “I enjoying connecting and collaborating with artists on Top 40 songs, and watching my artistry come to life”.
Ryan Leslie and Kristen
Outside of crafting a lyrical symphony, Kristina Danielle has skills in vocal arrangement, is a classically trained pianist, and plans to expand her love of fashion into a global entity.
As she focuses on this next chapter of her musical journey, Kristina wants to hone her vocal skills, cultivate her stage presence, and devote time to training her body for the riggers of the industry and give her audience the ultimate artistry of KRISTINA DANIELLE. DEPUT ALBUM IN THE WORKS.